PLAUD NOTE Showcases at VivaTech 2024

PLAUD NOTE Showcases at VivaTech 2024

As discussions around PLAUD.AI's participation at VivaTech2024 continue to unfold, we sincerely invite tech communities and PLAUD NOTE users to keep tuned to the next chapter in PLAUD.AI's journey towards redefining conversational documentation and information processing.
Innovation is at the core of every interaction at VivaTech2024.


At VivaTech2024 , tech enthusiasts unite to explore cutting-edge innovations. The event served as a springboard for PLAUD.AI to showcase its capabilities and engage with a diverse audience eager to explore cutting-edge innovations. With a strong foothold in AI-powered solutions, PLAUD NOTE is poised to lead the way in redefining how conversations are captured and transformed into actionable insights. Throughout this blog, we will delve into the impact of PLAUD NOTE's participation, highlighting it's role as the world's first ChatGPT-4 empowered   AI voice recorder   . Join us on a journey through VivaTech2024's vibrant atmosphere and discover the transformative capabilities of technology.


What a blast!

This 8th edition of VivaTech broke a new attendance record by welcoming more than 165,000 visitors from around the world. VivaTech has truly served as a catalyst for the global debate on AI and sustainability with more than 2 billion people reached via social networks this year . Inspiring debates took place featuring incredible personalities such as John Kerry , Rachel Delacour (Sweep), Robin Li (Baidu), Arthur Mensch (Mistral AI), Yann LeCun (Meta), Dario Amodei (Anthropic) or Elon Musk (X).

More Record Figures

More than  13,500 startups had the opportunity to forge business relationships with companies from more than 25 sectors of activity and to meet more than 2,000 investors and investment funds such as Accel , KKR , Lightspeed , Sequoia Capital , Eurazeo and GV (Google Ventures) during the three professional days, more than 400,000 business connections  have been settled through digital channelsand  6.5M viewers have seen the  VivaTech News , the VivaTech online 24/7 all-news TV channel.

Demonstrations at VivaTech 2024

During the event, PLAUD NOTE conducted engaging demonstrations to highlight the practical applications of its technology.

Live Testing

Attendees had the opportunity to witness live testing of the AI  voice recorder , experiencing firsthand its accuracy and speed in transcribing conversations. The seamless integration of cutting-edge AI algorithms ensures precise transcription and summarization results, setting a new standard for note-taking tools.

User Feedback

Through interactive sessions, users provided valuable feedback on their experience with PLAUD NOTE's  AI  voice recorder . The positive responses underscored the tool's intuitive interface, reliable performance, and transformative impact on capturing information efficiently.

Social Media Buzz

At VivaTech2024 , the atmosphere was electrifying with the buzz surrounding PLAUD NOTE reverberating across social media platforms. Attendees and online spectators alike took to X, LinkedIn and other channels to share their excitement about the innovative AI  voice recorder PLAUD NOTE showcased by PLAUD.AI . The event served as a catalyst for a flurry of tweets and posts, each highlighting the groundbreaking features of PLAUD NOTE .The tweets and posts resonated with admiration for the seamless integration of AI technology into note-taking processes. Users praised the accuracy and efficiency of the voice-to-text transcription and summarization features and smart templates, acknowledging its potential to revolutionize how conversations are documented. The social media buzz generated by PLAUD NOTE's showcase underscored its significance in the tech community, sparking discussions on the future of AI-driven solutions.

Media Coverage

Media coverage of PLAUD.AI's presence at VivaTech2024 captured the attention of journalists and industry experts, who shared their insights on the impact of advanced AI technologies in enhancing work flow efficiency. Media lauded PLAUD NOTE's  AI  voice recorder for its ability to streamline information capture and enhance productivity in various settings and emphasized the transformative potential of AI note taking tools like PLAUD NOTE , paving the way for new possibilities in communication and documentation.

Future Prospects

As discussions around PLAUD.AI's participation at VivaTech2024 continue to unfold, we sincerely invite tech communities and PLAUD NOTE users to keep tuned to the next chapter in PLAUD.AI's journey towards redefining conversational documentation and information processing.


Founded in 2023,  PLAUD.AI  develops AI devices and AI agents to perform as AI business partners for individuals and businesses to achieve the most, with the mission: Connect AI with Real Life . Its first product, the  PLAUD NOTE  , has achieved over $10M in sales to date.To learn more about PLAUD.AI, please visit