Powerful Features for Pro Experiences

Powerful Features for Pro Experiences

Upgrade to the Pro Plan to unlock Speaker Labels and Create Your Own Template and also enjoy additional benefits like extended transcription minutes and priority support.

At PLAUD.AI, we’re always evolving to enhance your experience. Today, we’re excited to introduce two powerful features: Speaker Labels and Create Your Own Template. These innovations will make your transcriptions clearer and your summaries perfectly tailored to your needs.

Speaker Labels - Distinct Voices, Clearer Transcripts

Tired of jumbled transcriptions? Our new Speaker Labels feature distinguishes between different voices, ensuring every word is accurately attributed. Whether it’s a meeting, panel discussion, or brainstorming session, Speaker Labels will provide you with clear and organized transcripts.



Create Your Own Template - Summary with Personalized Templates

Different scenarios require different summaries. With this advanced feature, you can customize templates for any situation—workshops, journals, seminars, and more. Personalized templates ensure your summaries are relevant and actionable.


Unlock the Full Potential with the Pro Plan


Experience the future of AI-powered transcription and summarization with the Pro Plan, which offers 1200 minutes of transcription time per month along with all advanced features.

If you’re new to PLAUD NOTE, now is the perfect time to dive in and see the difference. Start your journey today and explore how these innovative features can transform your productivity. And for our existing users, upgrading to the Pro Plan not only unlocks Speaker Labels and Create Your Own Template but also grants you additional benefits like extended transcription minutes and priority support.

Don’t miss out on these enhancements—visit our Pro Plan page to learn more about the comprehensive benefits and elevate your PLAUD NOTE experience to the next level!


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